SHOWS: Show Listing

Current HERE shows

  • Chimpanzee

    March 7 — May 5 | tickets $15-45

    An aging, isolated chimpanzee pieces together the fragments of her childhood in a human family. Bleak reality bleeds to vivid memory in this non-verbal puppet play, based on true events.


    March 18 — March 23 | tickets $15

    During CULTUREMART, process becomes the focus, so you’ll experience 5 genre-blurring works at various stages of development.

  • CULTUREMART 2019: Paper Room

    March 22 — March 23 | tickets $15

    Paper Room is a dance and visual art installation inspired by origami paper-folding techniques. A large-scale collapsible paper structure transforms the performance space, constantly-shifting bodies fold and unfold, and viewers are invited to consider how much of what we see is “true” or “real” – and how we fill in the gaps.

  • CULTUREMART 2019: A Voluptuary Life

    March 22 — March 23 | tickets $15

    “Men who love men have always been.” A Voluptuary Life presents one man musing many same gender loving lives across the ages. The time traveling cultural anthropologist shares several heightened, explicit, literary voices. During his expedition of sexual conquests he discovers something far greater.

  • HERE's Bloom 2019 Gala

    May 13

    HERE provides fertile ground for artists and audiences alike – seeding relationships and cultivating ideas that propel us to our fullest BLOOM. On May 13, we gather to rejoice in creative partnerships, groundbreaking performances, and lifelong friendships that flourish around us. Artistic growth starts HERE, but it thrives because of you. Join us for a sumptuous meal, a lively auction, and one hell of a garden party!

  • Let Me Count The Ways I Love You

    February 28 — April 27 | tickets FREE

    Rainbows over fields of grass, floating hearts, naked dolls, beaded butterflies: Lily Rosen’s work offers a tender, dreamy landscape for the viewer to explore.

  • HERE goes to GARY

    April 4 | tickets $59-250

  • Queer as I

    May 2 — June 29 | tickets FREE

    “Queer as I” will feature 50 self-portraits from different artists, one portrait for each year since the Stonewall riots. The exhibition will highlight the power and diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community and shine a light on our visibility.

SubletSeries shows

  • Dad in a Box

    March 29 —
    April 13

    When your father’s death explodes the cracked myth of a loving family—in improv comedy class.

  • The Battle of Richmond Hill

    April 26 —
    May 11

    Sheila O’Connor has settled in for the night at her favorite Irish pub, but the unexpected arrival of her grandson, who is determined to move her to an assisted-living community, leads to vodka-fueled battles and a bit of Irish magic, as Sheila confronts long-buried secrets and ultimately faces her fears.

  • Lucretia

    May 23 —
    May 25

    Cantata Profana weaves eight centuries of music into an intensely dramatic show, with songs, ballads, and stories of women in defining moments.

  • Asylum Song

    May 31 —
    June 15

  • FEAST: A Yoruba Project

    July 11 —
    July 14

    On their way to a family feast, 3 sisters’ lives are forever changed when they meet a trickster along the way. Based on Yoruba spirituality FEAST travels from Nigeria to Brazil, Cuba, United States and England, unveiling the global connection and historical impact between people of Yoruba descent.