Our visiting artist program hemispHEREs brings innovative national and international hybrid artists to HERE for special presentations a few times a year. Ideally, each visiting artist shows a work at HERE for one to two weeks that dovetails conceptually, aesthetically, or thematically either with the simultaneously playing or developing work of our Resident Artists.

Often projects are co-presented with our Dream Music Puppetry and/or startHERE Programs. Visiting Artists participate in a HARP artist meeting, and reciprocal open rehearsals and workshops sharing practice are conducted. We also hold special panels and symposia during their time at HERE, deepening their engagement with our whole artist community.

Through hemispHEREs we look to create an exchange of ideas and energies that will strengthen artist relations, deepen dialogue on a national and global scale, and expand the impact of HERE’s artists’ work in our own community. In September 2010 we will present the French puppeteer company Akselere’s beautiful modern-day Sleeping Beauty, and in December 2010 we will present a charming Philadelphia-based music and dance collaboration, As the Eyes of the Seahorse, between organic band The Mural & the Mint and choreographer Nichole Canuso. Other upcoming programming will be announced soon.

How to apply

Hemispheres is a curated program and applications are not accepted

Featured Hemispheres Video

Phil Soltanoff's LA Party

Past hemispHEREs shows

  • Stick up! (Braquage)

    by Olivier Rannou

    Expect thrills, spills and nail-biting suspense in this comic crime caper as these high-class cat burglar wannabes lurch from one near calamity to the next!

  • Phobophilia

    Twenty-four spectators are led to a secret location to witness a peculiar interrogation. PHOBOPHILIA unfolds through a complex meshing of sound, action, ritual and video projection. Part of the Under the Radar Festival.

  • As The Eyes of The Seahorse

    Philadelphia band The Mural and the Mint teams with Nichole Canuso Dance Company for a live indie-rock concert fused with immersive choreography. 

  • LA Party

    A charming soup-çon from the celebrated Phil Soltanoff whose collaborations with France’s CIE 111 have produced playful meldings of theatre, visual art, dance and new cirque.